Amouranth loses tons of followers on Twitch as bots blamed

After catching a ban for exposing herself on Twitch Amouranth saw her audience double but now she’s mysteriously lost almost all she gained.

The last few months have been a roller-coaster for IRL streamer Amouranth, who in September was banned from Twitch for ‘accidentally’ exposing her nether regions.

That’s strictly against Twitch terms & conditions and so she was banned for three days (even though others have been banned for anything up to a month for the same thing).

When she came back though her audience had doubled, as she gained 410,000 followers in a week. But it looks like they haven’t stuck around.

Although she was shedding followers already, on October 29 she suddenly lost almost 300,000 overnight, for which there is no explanation.

Well, actually, there is an explanation: they were probably bots and were automatically removed by Twitch – although no announcement was ever made.

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Why she had so many bots is a mystery though, and it’s unclear whether she herself organised them or if it was the work of a third party.

Amouranth is known for her sexy cosplay and other suggestive content, but it seems that’s not necessarily enough to make you a success on Twitch.

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